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I Was just a Girl you Met in passing

Before We knew it we were Established

Officially intertwined in each other’s Lies

Selfishly Hoping we could Disguise

What we Were feeling

The Power of Healing

The blind Leading the blind

No Roofs no Ceilings

Just Time

That’s all We had

Our biggest Sacrifice

Not Thinking Twice

Just Livin


Individuals Comprehending

The World

The Space

The Time…


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I’ve been Looking for You
Where have you Been
Yeah I know
The weathers been Changing
But You use to Come in
Faithfully like the Wind
I’ve been Asking all the Neighbors if they’ve Seen you
Ever since the Storm Came
Things haven’t Quite Been the Same
I’ve been Looking for You
Where Have You been
I Can’t wrap my finger around
Why you haven’t come back In
You’ve gotten through Thunder, Lightening and Snow
But somehow I Can’t get You to let Go
It’s like Your Stuck in a tornado
And you’re Afraid to break Free
I just Want to See you Grow
Like a Root from a seed
I’ve Been looking for You
Where Have you been
Nothing to fear God is Here
Remember who You are
No matter how far you Stray
I’ll continue to Look for You until the End of Days
I’ve been Looking for you
Where Have you been
I’m gonna leave the Light on
to Help you Find your Way back In


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Mo Betta
Know Betta
My favorite movie and song all wrapped up in one

I love music because It often tells stories I can’t convey

In the most clever way…


Isn’t it crazy how an ended relationship causes you to change
Your movement?
Like the places you use to go
You can’t go anymore… And the person you once knew

Is no longer recognizable…

The Territory of LOVE



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TIME /tīm/


TIME /tīm/

You asked me to stay

And I said No…

You asked me to give up

What I began to Grow…

You asked me to TRUST you

And Understand…

But I couldn’t Give up

What I had in my Hand…


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