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I’m trying to Find Her
Where could She be
I feel like she’s Hiding from Me
I found some Old photos
A few Videos Too
She was Driven and knew exactly what to Do
She had Goals and dreams
That were Bigger you See
A Vision that left No Doubt
She wasn’t afraid of a Life Without…
I’m trying to Find her
Where could She be
I Need Her and She needs Me
I’ve been Through some storms
That left some Distress
But I’ve Learned a lot
Through Every Test
I’ve Got something to Tell her
It’s going to Be Okay
Follow Your heart
It will Lead the Way
Trust in God and Believe in you
Don’t let your Struggles Stop You
You will Meet uncertainty
You Will question You
But Remember there is a Path Ordained and True
I’m Trying to Find her
Where could She be
Come Out from the Shadow
And Reveal yourself to Me


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