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Have You ever Reached for something
That wasn’t There?
I finally realized I’ve been Holding on to Air
Grasping and panting for Something that was invisible
I put you on a pedestal
I made You a Hero
You know the Original Black Knight
You broke all the Rules and just lived life
No cares in the world
No One to hold you back
Keeping every Emotion in tact
Master of Passion
Young and free
I was so Open
I Couldn’t see
What it was from the Start
Wanting to believe it was me
That I was Afraid to be the Damsel in distress
But Every Hero has a flaw
And Every damsel has a Cause
I craved you
I made myself believe something I couldn’t see
Told myself Lies to disguise the Truth
Have you ever reached for something
That wasn’t there?
I finally realized I’ve been Holding on to Air


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