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CARPE DIEM \ˈkär-pe-ˈdē-ˌem, -ˈdī-, -əm\

Seize the Day!! This video inspired this post! This man represents the definition of Carpe Diem!! We often miss out on opportunities because we are afraid of the outcome!  We all have one life to live so why waste it? Stop over thinking and live in the moment!  When the camera hits you or opportunity knocks are you ready to perform?  I live by the rule that God will not put more on us than we can bear and that everything happens in his timing. However, God gave us Wisdom and Knowledge which means we are responsible to prepare ourselves to receive his blessings!  So when the camera hits you put on a show! Dance like David danced and walk into your anointing!  Happy Thursday People!  Watch and Enjoy : )


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