When words are just Sounds
Beating Pounding noises
Recognizable tunes
Played Over and over Again
Like a Broken record
That plays Your favorite Song
Except the Meaning is gone
No Lyrics just Sounds
Feeble Increments of breath
Bad air
You are Not wanted Here
Your Huffing and Puffing
Has Sucked Out the life
My life
Your Life
Wasted time
Keep It
Your Noise is No longer Welcomed
The Dryness of your well
No substance
No Thoughts
Just air
No Cares
You must Be exhausted
Your False prophecies and Idiocies
Have Cost far More Pain than gain
So Keep your wasted Air
It is Not Wanted Here


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One thought on “WORDS/wərds/

  1. milancarter says:

    This is powerful! Don’t just speak to be heard. Don’t just say what you think a person wants to hear. There is power in the tongue and abuse of power results a Loss of respect and integrity.

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