I’ve Been Called an asshole by a couple of Guys
I’ve Been told a few Lies by some Friends of Mine
My Mother has Called me Selfish
And my Father says I’m Blind
But I’ve never let their Words rearrange My Life
You see Words cut like Swords
And Apologies are often Ignored
Painful memories and Thoughts
Are hard to Forgive once they’ve been Explored
I’m not Affected by Most things
I guess my Skin is pretty Tough
If I was a Cow my Hide would be rough

I’ve been through a few Things in Life so It’s becoming harder and harder to Trust…

  ill words and Curses are Only Effective if You give them Life
Remember to always Speak Positivity into your life
I’m Covered under the Blood and the rest is Out of Sight
My Heavenly Father has the key to my heart
And unless he says its okay No Earthly Man can Break it Apart
He is what gets me through Each day
Even when I stray or try to Give Up on Today
He Encourages me to Look ahead for Brighter days
I am a Born Sinner and the World won’t let Me forget
But My God is not Through with Me yet


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