Happy Monday people!! I was doing my daily blog rounds and I ran across a clip of a 3 year old girl name Heaven and her mom dancing on the Ellen show. Watching Heaven and her mother dance brought so much joy to my heart. Sometimes I forget to smile and when I see things like this it just makes me smile from my heart. To me smiling from the heart is the best kind of joy a person can experience. Like when you’re in church and you’re praising God or maybe watching a movie that just makes you want to thank God for all he has done? I don’t know about you, but these moments remind me of why we’re here. Even though we shouldn’t need a reminder to be thankful sometimes we do. Heaven and her mother’s connection through dance is just one of many things they do together. When Heaven grows up she will never forget the time she spent imitating her mother and practicing the dance moves she has implemented into her brain. We may not all have children or siblings, but remember that there’s always somebody watching you.  Whether you want them to or not they’re still watching. So always remember if you could replay the tape would you imitate you? As men and women we have a responsibility to be the best we can be because you never know whose watching!

Watch Heaven and her mother on Ellen Below : )


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