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I Was just a Girl you Met in passing

Before We knew it we were Established

Officially intertwined in each other’s Lies

Selfishly Hoping we could Disguise

What we Were feeling

The Power of Healing

The blind Leading the blind

No Roofs no Ceilings

Just Time

That’s all We had

Our biggest Sacrifice

Not Thinking Twice

Just Livin


Individuals Comprehending

The World

The Space

The Time…


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What is It

Everyone wants to Know

The thing that Keeps Giving and never Ceases to Grow

The Action that Shows truths

Not the Emotion we like to Wear

The Acceptance of forgiveness

While examining Ourselves

There is No comparison

Or Measurement of how Great it should Be

The action Will show Everything you Need

We Chase the Wardrobe of what We think it should be

The Embellishments of Jewels are just for the Eyes to See

The Silicon Fire will eventually Run out

The efficient Supply of water will Never Leave a drought

Things that are Watered always seem to Grow

Things that Catch Fire always Burn a hole


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