The CALM/kä(l)m/


The CALM/kä(l)m/

This Season has been Different
This Year has been strange
I’ve found myself in some Places I never thought I’d See
I even Found myself Compromising me
I Lost some relationships and Gained a Few
You know out with the Old in with The New
But something in My heart doesn’t Feel the same
I find myself Feeling Alone and ashamed
How did I get Here?
What Steps did I take?
How did I Get to this Place?
I Use to Be So sure
I Use to Be Awake
But now my Heart is timid and my Mind is a constant Headache
But I Won’t give Up
And neither should You
Things happen for Change to Shine through
Someone once said being Broken isn’t a Bad thing
Because when your Empty
You allow GOD to Come In and meet Every Need
I’m in this Place now
But I know I won’t be here long : )
I may be Broken but my Faith is keeping me Strong


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