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The CALM/kä(l)m/


The CALM/kä(l)m/

This Season has been Different
This Year has been strange
I’ve found myself in some Places I never thought I’d See
I even Found myself Compromising me
I Lost some relationships and Gained a Few
You know out with the Old in with The New
But something in My heart doesn’t Feel the same
I find myself Feeling Alone and ashamed
How did I get Here?
What Steps did I take?
How did I Get to this Place?
I Use to Be So sure
I Use to Be Awake
But now my Heart is timid and my Mind is a constant Headache
But I Won’t give Up
And neither should You
Things happen for Change to Shine through
Someone once said being Broken isn’t a Bad thing
Because when your Empty
You allow GOD to Come In and meet Every Need
I’m in this Place now
But I know I won’t be here long : )
I may be Broken but my Faith is keeping me Strong


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She’s Witty and gritty

Never one in the Same

You may forget Her scent

But you will Never forget her Name

She Moves to a Beat only She can hear

You can Travel the light-years

Trying to Figure out her Fears

But her Tears Melt when it rains

And the Sunshine is her claim to Fame

She is insidious

And critically Acclaimed

She Always knows when it’s Time to leave

Her Feathers change at the calm of a Breeze

Who is She you ask

Only the Sun Knows

Every time it Rises she begins to Grow


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