Just finished watching the visuals for Kelly’ Rowland’s song Dirty Laundry.  Even though I would have loved to see a video with fewer distractions I thought Ms. Rowland looked fabulous in each scene.  In the song Kelly airs out her past secrets of an abusive relationship and how it affected her family and close friends.  I believe that it takes a lot of courage for a person to expose their truths, especially when you’re a celebrity and living in the public eye!  But what about those of us who aren’t living in the public eye?  I often wonder if everyone knew my truths would they still look at me the same.  Growing up in the church I listened to a lot of testimonies.  Some good and some bad, but after each one I heard I looked at that person a little different.  Not in a bad way but with a different set of eyes.  You know after you’ve heard someone’s story you feel like you know more about who they really are.  As great as it is to share your struggle with others; I was also told to be careful who you share your testimony with because they may use it to hurt you.  Sad right?  You could share something so personal with someone and they could later use your story against you?  At the end of the day a person can only hurt you if you give them that power.  So don’t ever give or allow anyone to think that they have that kind of control over your life.  Your past is your past so leave it there and learn from it.  Use it to grow and remember that your story may help someone else grow too!


Thanks Kelly : )

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