I was watching a guilty pleasure of mine which I will not share simply because I do not want to be judged on the content of television I watch!  Ha SO SUE me : )  Anyway on this particular episode a woman asked her friend how to get over hurt.  She wanted to know what the best solution was in dealing with her pain, frustration and anger.  Her friend simply replied Time!  Time heals all wounds! Letting go of the pain isn’t always easy and numbing it is only temporary.  Time helps you grow and eventually let go.  But having a great support system makes things a lot easier.  We have all been hurt before or disappointed by someone in our lives, but we go through different things for different reasons.  Just remember that everything has a Season!  Your pain and your frustration is only temporary and it too shall pass : )


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  1. The Bloggers Soliloquy says:

    Time is the cure for all maladies, so I agree with this

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