Oh Lover of Love
Do You know what it Means
You Fall Deeply and Quickly to fulfill Others dreams
Some Say you Saved them
Some say You Made them
Oh Lover of Love
Are You too blind to See
That Loving You means loving Me
Choosing 1
Not 2 or 3
Not Reminiscing with Others
About a Past that Will never Be
Oh Lover of Love
You think You created It
You fall so Deeply
That you Believe Every statement
But How can you love Me
While Entertaining 2
Oh Lover of Love
Your feelings are Misused
The Path you choose
Will only Confuse you
Oh Lover of Love
Why can’t you See
That your Love has become so Cloudy
It’s Time to Clear the Air
So I can finally Breathe
Oh Lover of Love
Thank you for Releasing Me


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