Happy Monday People!!! I think I’m the only person in the world who uses the word happy when talking about Monday LOL!!! Well somebody has to bring some life to the day we all dread! I woke up this morning humming one of my favorite Disney songs “A Dream is a Wish your Heart Makes” how lovely are those lyrics??? I totally believe that if you dream it you can achieve it! Cinderella’s dream was to escape the wrath of her evil stepmother and live happily ever after. Not only did her dream come true but it came with a little something extra : ) She got the Prince and the Castle too!!!! So remember that there is no dream to big and what God has in store for you is bigger and better then you can imagine ; )


Dreams are mere Visions of your Hearts Quest
Your dream is your Guideline to success
The Road may Be Weary
And the dream May be Dreary
But if you Dreamt it
You meant it
So turn the Crust in your Eye
Into the Hustle of a Lifetime
Wake up and Start the Session
You Determine your progression
The dream was just a Prototype
Get Up and Bring it to Light
Pray and ask God to Lead the way
Wisdom and knowledge Will help You finish

Without Further Delay…


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