Oops I think I Said My Last Goodbye yesterday

But I couldn’t Move my Feet

You see I can’t get Your Sweet smell out of my Satin Sheets

I Continue to toss and Turn in the middle of the Night

Hoping that My worst Nightmare didn’t come to Light

My Vision is Blurry and I Can’t See straight 

So I’m Following your footsteps with Every step I Take

I Am the Metal to your Armor so please Don’t forget 

You need my Fire like a Candle needs a Stick

I keep Trying to Open my Eyes 

But the sun-rays are Beaming down my Blinds 

I finally Wake Up and it’s Daybreak

I turn to My surprise to See that my Love has been a Lie

Tears come Flowing down my Eyes

As I remember Oops I think I said my Last Goodbye Yesterday


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