I’m A sucker for a Guy
With a beautiful Mind
A Conscious Heart with a Smile
That can Light up the Nights sky
A Determination that can Change Nations
Or maybe just your Beliefs
He’ll Show you things You Overlooked
Or Simply couldn’t See
His Goals are Written in the Stars
His Prophecy is no Hypocrisy
His Mentality is Foreign to Most
But Undeniably Clever
His Brain Holds the Keys and the Lever
He has Known he was different since Birth
Never needing Validation
Or cared to give Pointless explanations
To those who could Never understand
This man has everything he has ever Needed in his Hand
He has always Known his Plan
So when you See Him
Recognize his Truths
Respect Him
And He will Respect You


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3 thoughts on “ABSTRACT/abˈstrakt/

  1. mrsjacoby19 says:

    Beautiful, such an uplift to our strong men!!!
    I like how you brings us back to the idea of respecting each other.
    (Respect him, and he will respect you!)

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