Photo By: @ivsabi


It’s crazy how the Fire Burns so Bright
But I keep Attempting to Touch it
Sometimes it’s a Fast Burn
Sometimes it burns Slow
The Slow burn Hurts the most
And Its Effect last the Longest
But I can’t seem to Stay Away from It
Sometimes I think I Crave it
It’s like I See it Coming
All the Warning Signs are there
The smoke Comes First
Then I can Barely Breathe
But I can’t Fight the Need
To Touch It Once More
  Maybe it’s the Light it Illuminates
The Rising temperature it Creates
Its Intensity Builds a Chemistry
I Can’t Regenerate
Its Hazardous Warning
Never seems to Stop Me
But after its Calmed and Gone
The Marks are still There
And the Smoke is Left in the Air
Sometimes Causing Me to Rethink the Touch


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3 thoughts on “TEMPTATION/tempˈtāSHən

  1. mrsjacoby19 says:

    You definitely described temptation perfectly!!
    Great poem!!

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