You know Itching is like a Disease
Once you Start Your Hands become Intrigued
It’s like your Body has been Infected
By this Instant Urge
You Can’t Control It or ignore it
It’s Growth is Supported by Your Actions
And your Hands feel the Need to Please
Some might Say it’s a Mind thing
If you Don’t Think about it then you won’t Feel It
  Hmm Interesting..
So You have the Power to Stop the Itch
All You have to Do is Clear it from Your Mind
Trick Your Brain into Thinking the Urge is a Lie…
The more and more You Think
The More it makes Sense
Clear it from Your mind and YOU can Stop the Itch
You Can make the Irritation Go Away
No more Redness, Pain or Spasms throughout the day
Your Mind Gives You the Power to do what YOU Choose
So You don’t have a Reason to Ever be Confused
Trust in Yourself and Believe in You
Control the Itch Don’t Let it Control YOU


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