“I’ve been searching for someone to satisfy my every Need…

Won’t you be my inspiration…Be the real love that I need…Real love I’m searching for the real love Someone to set my heart free…Real love I’m searching for a real love”




So I guess I’m in a Mary J. Blige mood today!  I just love how her lyrics speak to so many relatable situations.  “Real Love…I’m searching for a Real Love”.  As I was listening to this song today the lyrics reminded me of a conversation I had with someone a few years back.  He said “Stop searching and pray that you will find.”  Whoop!  Well my initial reaction to his statement was not so nice because I felt like I was being attacked lol.  As men and women we tend to stay on the defense, so naturally I was offended.  But then I thought about what he said and slowly began to digest it.  Now while his objective may have been a little off what he said made sense.  I think as people we’re always searching for something; whether it be inspiration, money, happiness, relationships ect.  However, sometimes we’re so busy looking that we forget to see what’s in front of us.  Like what makes us happy now?  What are we grateful for today?  What opportunities are already in our reach?  I’m sure once we start appreciating what we have…what we need will come or maybe we’ll realize it’s already there ; )


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2 thoughts on “STOP/stäp/

  1. milancarter says:

    Just had an eye opening experience traveling home to see my family and friends. Some I haven’t seen in a year and some much longer. Spending time with them has really changed my perspective on how I live life. You can never take any ment for granted.

    Keep up the good stuff

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