Alone with Our thoughts
After all the Hoopla
And Assumptions
We All end up Here
Alone with Our Thoughts
This is the Moment
That Means the most
After all is Said and Done
How do We Feel?
So many Emotions run Wild
When We’re Alone with our Thoughts
It’s usually the time We Learn the most about Ourselves
Like what Makes or Breaks us
After this…Can We still Move Forward?
Or are We Stuck?
You know that Feeling
At the Pit of your Stomach
That won’t just Go away
You Gotta work at it
Heal it
Nurture it
Confront it
Alone with Our thoughts
The Feeling of no Control
Searching for an Answer
That Only We will Know


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2 thoughts on “LESSONS/ˈlesəns/

  1. dawndancers says:

    I love this! And I also have that feeling in the pit of my stomach that wont go away. x

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