GRACE /grās/


“My God is an Awesome God he reins from Heaven above with Wisdom, Power and Love my God is an Awesome God”. Man this song just makes me want to get up and praise his name : ) So I woke up today feeling kind of  blue not sure why maybe I just have a lot on my mind. I think I’m at that pivotal point in my life where I feel like every decision I make is so critical! But then I closed my eyes and remembered the God I serve.  As people we have no control over what tomorrow brings all we can do is live for today.  So TODAY I decided not to lean on my own understanding, but to trust and believe in him.  And you know what something began to move in my spirit!!! I began to see a change in my attitude, my way of thinking, my talk and my walk.  Now I feel like I have my armor on and whatever gets thrown at me I’m READY FOR IT!!!

GRACE /grās/

Nights like this
Make me realize how beautiful Life is
Just looking back on where I’ve been
Through every lie and little sin
God’s Grace keeps me time and time again
Cherish the gifts that are given to you
Each breath you take should never be Forsaken
The life You live is Yours for the taking
So Dance until your feet Hurt
And Laugh until you cry
And Take advantage of your Life
For Trouble doesn’t Last Always
And Joy comes in the morning
Love people for Where they’re At
And Not Where They’re Going
Smile just because it’s Sunrise
And when it gets Tough Close your Eyes and simply Trust
God will see you through Every Step of the way
You are his Child there will Soon be Better days
Nights like this
I Thank him for who He is
His Mercy and Grace
Gets Me through the day


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One thought on “GRACE /grās/

  1. Your words leave such a smile on my face, thanks for touching me with their blessing! God bless!

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