Anyone who really knows me knows how much I LOVE movies!  Well last night I finally saw Flight starring Denzel Washington…Yes I know I’m late, but better late than never right?  Anyway I thought the movie was great and I really liked the story line and message It left me with.  At the end of the movie Whip’s (character played by Denzel Washington) son asked him a question.  Who are you?  He told his father he was writing an essay about the most fascinating man he Never Knew!!!  This really hit close to home for me.  Over time we have people come in and out of our lives, but how many of them do we really know and how many know who we really are????  Most of us are okay with hearing about a person or going off of what we think we see rather than taking the time to ask that person who they are.  Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social networks only show you a piece of someone.  Or sometimes just the part they want you to see, but that’s not always who they are.


Who am I
Some will Never know
I’m a friend, sister, lover
Who still needs time to Grow
She once told me that I’m an
That to her I’m one of Gods most beautiful Creations
But she wishes she knew Me more
To her My Life is a Spectacle
And she’s viewing it Through a Glass Door
She can Watch and See everything I do
But being apart of the show is something she could never manage to do
Without the blood lines We would never Care
We share a DNA that Forces us to be there
The Simplest things seem far and few
The Easiest things seem like the Hardest things to Do
Who Am I
Some will Never know
I’m a friend, sister, lover
Who still needs time to Grow…


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