LOSE /lo͞oz/


LOSE /lo͞oz/

When You’re UP
You’re  UP
And Everybody’s Around
But when Shit Hits the Fan
You tend to Lose Your “Crowd”
Stretching out a $20
To get you through the Week
You have a Goal to Obtain
And the Club Scene has Lost it’s Tweak
Your Desires are Beginning to Change
No more Brand Chasing
Or Scouting for the New Range
People around You are Growing
While You remain the Same
So take a Look Around
And See what’s CLEAR
Bottle Service for A night…
Or a Business Plan that gets you through the Years
The Choice is Yours
You Decide Your Crowd
When the Lights come On
Will They still be Around ?
So Choose your Team Wisely
Recognize The Real from The Fake
LA has a way of Glossing UP


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