FEAR /fi(ə)r/



FEAR /fi(ə)r/

Good Night and Good Morning
The Two are so Near
One can’t let up and one can’t Stay Clear
Sometimes I don’t know the difference between the Two
It’s like I’ve got two Left feet and One Right shoe
But after each Mistake I Learn something New
Like Why does trouble Follow like a Shadow unseen?
It’s like I’m trying to Wake Up but my lids are Glued to the Seams
And when I finally do My World is Unclear
I’m Following a Road that Leads to Nowhere
So Why can’t I just let it Go
Why can’t I shake this Feeling of No Control
Why is it so Hard to Sleep when you’re Awake
And Why is the Past so hard to Shake
I’m TRYING to Wake up and See What’s Here
But My Troubles Keep Chasing My Fears


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