INTOXICATION \in-ˌtäk-sə-ˈkā-shən\


INTOXICATION \in-ˌtäk-sə-ˈkā-shən\

Enjoy the Libations

The sound is simply amazing

The music captivates my mind

The LYRICS bring me back to life

The WOMAN who is FREe

Is mE

Trying to keep a Woman captive is like trying to clip her Wings…


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2 thoughts on “INTOXICATION \in-ˌtäk-sə-ˈkā-shən\

  1. milancarter says:

    Dope song! When I heard him talk about locking her in his cage i took it as making her, his. Locking her in his heart. As a man would do to a woman he really cared about or loved. Like a relationship. But the woman played him! and the cage was symbolic of his heart. She walked out of his heart and took the key.

    I’m not cool with that!

    • fciseasons says:

      That’s the beautiful thing about lyrics in songs. This particular story can be interpreted in so many ways : ) I think he is just a man who succumbed to a woman and became imprisoned by her love! Hence the title “Like A Fool”. He knew exactly what kind of woman she was after there first few encounters, but by then it was to late. But you see that’s how love works we can’t steer away from how we feel or who we care for it. Even if it isn’t the wisest decision… – FCIS

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