Photo by: @dtkagan


I want something that takes my breath away
I’m not talking about that Keith Sweat lovin
I want to feel it in my SOUL
I wanna wake up with a feeling I can’t control
Like a DRUM that want stop beating
A fresh seed that’s risen from the cement
Some call it the gift that never stops giving
Others may even call it a healing
I call it that moment when you no longer lust
You close your eyes and SUDDENLY begin to trust
Your body looses control of all logic
The mind set you use is no longer philosophic
I’m talkin about that shout with out a doubt
Till you can’t smile no more
Your bodies movin in convulsions you use to fantasize for…
I’ll know without a doubt when I see it
Our souls will meet instantly no need to take the scenic
Until then I smile without a grin
Waiting just waiting for this loving that will never end


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